Friday, February 13, 2015

52 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 30 - Postcards

Week 30 of Shauna Hick's 52 Weeks of Genealogy challenge and she has chosen Postcards as her topic.  Shauna tells us that "when we think of postcards these days, we tend to think of exotic places and a few scribbled words from a friend or family member saying they are having a fantastic time. Although these are probably fast being replaced by Facebook snaps and emails!"

I have very few old family postcards, but I do have the images of several old postcards from locations where I know my ancestors lived, and they do help show me what those places look like back in my ancestor's time.  My father's family came from Great Holland in Essex, and I have several postcards - or images of postcards which kind people have sent me - of the village in my Grandfather's and Great-Grandfather's time.  It really helps bring the past to life to see these images, especially when I can see just what the same view looks like today.

One significant postcard I do have, and I have shown it before, is of my father's brother Ernest (called Squib by just about all who knew him) sent to their sister Nancy while Squib was in Egypt during WW2.  The inscription on the back reads simply "To Nan.  Wishing you all the best.  Your brother Squib."  I do love the image of Squib imposed above the pyramids - I didn't realise they had the technology to do such things back then!

So treasure your family postcards, and make sure you scan backup copies and store them carefully!  Thanks again Shauna.  As usual, to read Shauna's full blog post on this topic, clikc here.

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