Friday, February 15, 2019

WDYTYA Magazine

The latest issue of Who Do You Think You Are magazine is now available free online for Campaspe Library members via our subscription to RB Digital eMagazines.

Inside this month's issue
  • Grow your research
    WDYTYA? genealogist Laura Berry reveals the TV show's brick wall busting family history strategies
  • Are you descended from royalty?
    Anthony Adolph sorts the myths from the facts in researching royal ancestry
  • We will remember them
    How to find your forebear's name on a war memorial
  • Park life
    Looking forward to a springtime stroll in a public park? Sue Wilkes explains how they revolutionised our ancestors' leisure time
  • Reader story
    How Lynda Giller discovered her great grandmother's scandalous affair
  • Plus...
    How to find your ancestor's apprentice records; using reverse image search; the lives of laundresses; and much more...

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Families in British India

Did your family spend time in India during the time of British rule?   The Families In British India Society (FIBIS) is a self-help organisation devoted to members researching their British India family history and the background against which their ancestors led their lives in India under British rule.

Their database has a number of resources available to search, and recently 15,376 names from the Times of India arrival and departure notices for 1896 have now been uploaded to the FIBIS database website. This batch comprises of 8,023 arrivals and 7,353 departures and brings the total number of arrival and departure notices transcribed by this project to 501,298.

The FIBIS database contains a number of other resources, including bonds, cemeteries and monuments, censuses, civil service records, directories, maritime records, military records, railways, schools and orphanages, and wills and probate.  All are fee to search.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

WW1 Monumenta

Retired artist Howard Wood has created WW1 Monumenta, a new website of 360-degree photo panoramas of Commonwealth First World War cemeteries in France and Belgium. It features approximately 500 cemeteries so far, with plans to add up to 450 more.

Cemeteries are listed in alphabetical order, so you simply find the mane of the cemetery you are looking for and see if there is a link to that name yet.  If there is, you can enter the cemetery and conduct a full 360 degree sweep.  Individual headstones are not photographed, but you can get the feeling of standing in the cemetery (generally a central point) and turning around for a seamless view.

While the website is clearly still in development, a huge amount of work has already been done, and the result gives you a feeling of actually standing in the cemetery taking in the views.