Monday, July 4, 2016

Provenance - The Journal of the Public Records Office of Victoria

Provenance is a free journal published online by Public Record Office Victoria (PROV). The journal will publish peer-reviewed articles, as well as other written contributions, that contain research drawing on records in PROV’s holdings.
The purpose of the journal is to foster access to PROV’s archival holdings and broaden its relevance to the wider Victorian community.
The records held by PROV contain a wealth of information regarding Victorian people, places, communities, events, policies, institutions, infrastructure, governance, and law. Provenance provides a forum for scholarly publication drawing on the full diversity of these records.
Some recent articles include :
  • Doing their bit helping make Australia free’: mothers of Aboriginal diggers and the assertion of Indigenous rights by Patricia Grimshaw and Hannah Loney
  • Beyond failure and success: the soldier settlement on Ercildoune Road by James Kirby
  • Lithium and lost souls: the role of Bundoora Homestead as a repatriation mental hospital 1920–1993 by Cassie May
  •  ‘She had always been a difficult case …’: Jill’s short, tragic life in Victoria’s institutions, 1952–1955 by Cate O’Neill

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