Tuesday, June 28, 2016


SODA stands for Stream of Digital Archives and it was created by the National Archives of Australia to let people know about new images that are uploaded to their collection. The National Archives uploads between 50-1000 digital copies a day and upwards of 15,000 a month, so there is always a lot of new content to browse.

The website by default shows you the newly scanned records from the last 3 days. You can select to see up to 1 months worth of recent records, and you can refine by a date range or filter by a keyword. A very handy extra is the ability to subscribe. Subscribing allows you to enter your email address and keywords and if those keywords match a newly scanned record you will be sent a message alerting you there is potentially a record of interest available to view. You can then share those records with friends and family by selecting a social media site or email.  All images are open and available to the public.
Some of the things you can find on SODA include war graves records cards, cabinet minutes, enlistment photographs, reparation records and so much more.
So have a look at SODA today.

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