Thursday, June 11, 2015

Twile - a new way to share your research

While Twile has been around since 2013, I have only recently heard about it and gone to have a look.  While I do sometimes sigh and wonder if I want ANOTHER online tree that I have to keep updating, this presents data in a somewhat different way and is well worth a look.  The more basic version is free, your data and photos are only available to the people you choose, so have a try and tell me what you think.
The following announcement comes from the Twile website:
"Twile allows family historians to create rich, visual timelines of their family history, made up of milestones and photos from their ancestors’ lives. Genealogy services, like MyHeritage and Ancestry, focus primarily on providing access to historical records. Twile, on the other hand, helps users get a visualization of the information and easily share it with their family.
The website is completely free to use, allowing users to build or import their family tree and create a timeline by uploading photos or adding milestones – such as birth, marriage and death – for anyone on the tree. Twile Plus is a premium subscription service and is available for £19.99 per year, giving access to a wider library of milestone types."


  1. Hi - thanks for helping us spread the word about Twile. I noticed that the link in your article is incorrect - it should be


  2. So it should. I've fixed the link Paul - thanks for letting me know. I've had a play with the site and love the timelines. Thanks for creating a great site.