Monday, June 16, 2014

52 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 18 - Almanacs

Shauna has chosen Almanacs as her topic for Week 18.  Shauna loves almanacs "as they are similar to directories and newspapers with lots of different information, lists of names and interesting advertisements. Once upon a time we might have used print copies if they were not too fragile or more likely it would have been microfiche or microfilm. This made them less easy to use (in my opinion) but now we have many almanacs digitised by Archive Digital Books Australasia for sale or in libraries, some are available through and some are even online for free."

Personally I have had mixed success searching almanacs for information on my family history, but have occasionally come across a reference to a family member or an advertisement for a business.  These are always exciting to find but almanacs can also be another way to find out about local and national events that influenced an ancestors life.  Almanacs are a resource not to be dismissed and, as Shauna pointed out, now that many are digitised and available through various sources they are even easier to use than ever.  Living in the country I find anything available online is a big boost to me as getting into the city to access the records offices and repositories is a challenge.

Thanks Shauna, it will be interesting to see what you have chosen for us next time.

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