Wednesday, May 21, 2014

52 Weeks of Genealogy - Week 16 - Naturalization

Shauna's topic for Week 16 is Naturalization and Citizenship Records.  While most of my ancestors come from various parts of Great Britain, one branch of my mother's family are German, and I do have their Naturalization certificates.
Friedrich (Frederick) Carl Beseler was born in Germany in 1810.  He married Suatus Caroline Farkens on 17 July 1838 and emigrated to Australia in 1848, arriving in Adelaide on April 1st.  Shipping records list Frederick Beseler, shoemaker and Mrs Beseler and 5 children.  The family lived in South Australia for several years before travelling to Victoria.  Frederick was Naturalized in December 1848 - his certificate, obtained from the National Archives, is below.  His son Edward also became Naturalised in 1863.

Shauna tells us that "naturalisation and citizenship records can be found in the various State Archives and after 1901 in the National Archives of Australia and note that some States transferred their early naturalisation records to the Commonwealth while others retained them. So read the fact sheet or brief guides for the State that you are researching to find out where the records are. The information may also vary depending on the time period. For example, naturalisations pre 1860 usually have more information including the ship of arrival which can be very helpful. Post 1900 records are different again."  So if your family came from non-British backgrounds, try searching for naturalisation records for them and see what information they give you. 

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