Thursday, March 13, 2014

What ELSE is new on Ancestry?

They are having a major upload of new records at Ancestry!

They have now added a major series of collections of Roman Catholic records from parishes across Ireland which include the following :

1) Ireland, Select Catholic Birth and Baptism Registers, 1763-1912.  Records sourced from 73 parishes
2) Ireland, Select Catholic Marriage Registers, 1775-1912.  Records sourced from 62 parishes
3) Ireland, Select Catholic Death and Burial Registers, 1767-1912.  Records sourced from 19 parishes
4) Ireland, Select Catholic Confirmation Registers, 1775-1912.  Records sourced from 12 parishes.

While these records clearly do not cover all parishes they are still a very welcome addition to Ancestry's range of records and access to Ancestry is free at all our library branches.  For those with Irish ancestry, happy hunting!

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