Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Gazette

There is now easier access to the digitised editions of the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes as The Gazette launches its new website.  Fully searchable, the site offers access to millions of articles dating back to the 17th century, ranging from Royal announcements to insolvency notices.  A free resource, users can set up a personal account and save clippings, as well as share favourite finds through social media.  Search and browse all notices including the Queen’s Honours and Awards, Military, State, Transport and Planning notices, or choose a specific option to search Wills and Probate, Insolvency, or Awards and Accreditation. Wills allow you to search and browse Section 27 Trustee Act notices or read the guides and checklists for managing probate yourself.  Insolvency allows you to search and browse corporate insolvency and personal bankruptcy notices.  In Awards and Accreditation you can search and browse military and civilian awards.


  1. Thanks for letting us know. Look forward to meeting you at sea.

  2. Thanks Jill - I am really looking forward to the Genealogy Cruise and bringing all I learn back to people here in Campaspe.