Monday, October 14, 2013

Biographical Database of Australia

The Biographical Database of Australia (BDA) has been launched and it already contains some 500,000 records. According to the website, this first batch of records contain convict, muster, census, baptism, marriage and burial records from New South Wales (1788 to 1828) and for Norfolk Island & Tasmania (1802 to 1811). In the future, data will be added for all states and territories. BDA is a not-for-profit database that is the result of years of work by volunteer genealogists, historians and contractors.  The indexes can be searched for free but there is a fee to see the underlying records.


  1. I paid my $25 when the site launched. It was money well spent, although I did not find many new references to my convict ancesors for me I appreciated the reports prodcuded by the site. Any new genealogist with early Australian ancestry would find that this resource which gives clear references to documents would save lots of research time.

    As more records are added this resource will beome even more valuable.

  2. It is wonderful how many projects like this are coming online. I'll be watching the site to see how it grows and how well it is used - I agree it should become even more valuable as records are added.