Friday, April 5, 2013

The will of David Mulholland

This is the handwritten will of my great-grandfather David Mulholland, found on the Public Records Office of Victoria website.  This fascinating document not only gives the names of David's wife and surviving children, it gives the married surnames of his daughters, plus an insight into the family dynamics.  David's wife Eliza can live in the house for her lifetime (and can do as she likes with the furniture upon her death) and the two sons who have worked the land with their father share the land and stock and pay their mother 5 shillings a week to live on.  The son who has his own business receives 50 pounds cash, the unmarried daughter living at home 20 pounds - and spends the rest of her life living on her brothers' charity.  Of the 3 married daughters my grandmother Pricilla (Mrs Clark) is clearly the favourite - she receives 10 pounds from her father while her two other married sisters get a shilling each!

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