Tuesday, November 15, 2011

British Newspaper Archive

Launching soon, the British Newspaper Archive will make millions of pages of historical newspapers available online for the first time – unlocking a treasure trove of material for historians, researchers, genealogists, students and anyone interested in when, where and how our ancestors lived and key periods of historical interest.

Highlights will include:
•Contemporary reporting of major events – vivid first-hand detail and reaction to key events including the Crimean War, the Irish famine, the Great Exhibition and the Boer War
•Family notices – a wealth of detail from sources such as births, deaths and marriages, obituaries and related announcements
•Local and regional press – supplementing national titles already available online, the Archive will feature a wide range of local and regional titles over many decades
•Fully searchable online by date, title and keywords – transforming access to material previously only available in the British Library Reading Rooms as print or microfilm

More than 1 million pages of pre-1900 newspapers will be available at launch, building to 4 million digitised pages over the next 2 years.

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